12 Degrees & Skiving

what began as year-long challenge has become perpetual until further notice

Found Letter

the day knotted at both ends
a rare loose thread in between
i burrowed into a second hand
i bought
DH Lawrence
Love Poems
And Others
a month later
a month elsewhere
i open it russet
with years and touch
a card and a letter lie
between pages
between women

if i felt it so keenly
did the writer
know the moment
she was cleared
out to make room?
i don’t have a reply
any more than her presence
that is firmly pressed
delicate as skeleton leaves
against once phlox-white pages


7 comments on “Found Letter

  1. Angela Highstead
    May 8, 2015

    Hello Ali,

    From Paris! I’ve just spent a week in England. How glorious that green country is in the spring. However 4 nights and parts of five days were spent in Hay-on-Wye. The village of thirty bookshops.

    I only travel with a 10kg case and a small backpack. Mostly no-one is going to help me down all those steps into the bowels of the Paris metro. So could I only look and not buy even a little book? And then I found a small almanac in an ‘OP SHOP’ (translate cheap). Given as a Sunday school award in 1918 to a student who completed the 1917 Sunday school year. All written in scratch pen and ink. “What travels had this little book taken, what stories could it tell?” I love books that have been written in. Allows the imagination to go on a merry dance.

    Today is deliverance day for the French – 1945 of course. But I thought even the year of the book inscription is rather poignant – 1918 . You will have to write me a poem!

    Enjoy Florence. A couple of photos of the view from my little Parisian apartment opposite the natural history museum.

    Lots of love,

    Angela x

    Sent from my iPad


    • Kittykatmandoo
      May 13, 2015

      Ooooh, happy Paris-ing! I forgot you were heading over this side of the world. Hope you’re having a lovely time and that you buy so many books you’ll need another suitcase.
      And about that poem? How about YOU write it, Ang 😉 you were on the writerly tour with me. Flex those poetic sinews, go on! xx

  2. Jane Dougherty
    May 11, 2015

    Love this poem. The first image of the day tying up at both ends with a few loose threads in the middle is beautiful.

    • Kittykatmandoo
      May 13, 2015

      Thank you, Jane! I’ll be around over the weekend catching up with your words…it’s been a while. I still need that twin, or else a servant to read to me whilst I go about my day 😉

      • Jane Dougherty
        May 13, 2015

        Or a different job…

      • Kittykatmandoo
        May 13, 2015

        …which one??

      • Jane Dougherty
        May 13, 2015

        The kind that lets you sit with your feet up, a cup of coffee and a book all day. When you find it let me know!

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