12 Degrees & Skiving

what began as year-long challenge has become perpetual until further notice

The Whys of Flight

The lightness of flight When all around me sleep Even here I fight a hollow-boned war within. If I loved you too much? Was it right I go? Or if … Continue reading

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between submersions refracting time, pulling you closer to the embrace life and death warmer each time, either way pushing you back to the shock of air in empty lungs i am … Continue reading

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It’s there, I know the woolly mammoth snap frozen still with the clover in her mouth the big fire of her heart a singularity, packed crisped, brined Orange and gold … Continue reading

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yesterday recoiled from all sense of self pulverised my molars one against the other today smoulders the volcanic stone between scapulae words wild sharp as kitten teeth prying innocent from … Continue reading

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language throws up razor blades and flame cultures throw sticks Into the spokes of the bicycle wheel today commands patience and even touch demands not to be touched

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we will come full circle when I learn to play chess before you place me among kings and queens We will come full circle when our hearts, patched with the … Continue reading

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The bed is cold I need your sweat the elixir of you will linger even when I take my leave of this place the walls will whimper in their sleep … Continue reading

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our wings seared to the quill like the dream sparrow i cupped fast pinned to hope was never there flight it is not drops of wax gone by morning and … Continue reading

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Pulses of bark and woodbeetle home amongst meals and nettles under my fingernails the fibres that once held high an oak laughter at lunchtime curling smoke through cracks

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